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Double Take

Double take is the essence behind object oriented-ontology. Object-oriented design rejects the notion that things are subjective products of the mind, instead asserts that things are objective components of reality. This suggests that we are moving away from a subject-centered view of the world to a discourse relating to the acknowledgment and manipulation of objects. Obtaining a common everyday object and articulating its natural form into an abstracted one. These kinds of objects can be de-stratified and reassemble to produce distinctive morphologies allowing new relationships to emerge. Mass, interior, ground, and surface articulations become liberated from their traditional hierarchical relations and stations in classical composition.

Andy Warhol was the center core of the inspiration to this project. His innovative and brilliant art took over the pop art era, a time where art was not defined by history but rather a passion. His work had so much controversy that was not displayed anywhere. To this date, his Marilyn and Campbell Soups are the most know pieces that shaped his career. Stepping aside from those common pieces, his own studio, the Factory, was a place where Andy's friends would assist in his art. These pieces on the other had to be rated inappropriate for the common everyday public. Sex, drugs and other "adult" content were the sole foundation of the work. Alongside he worked with the Velvet Underground and used their performances as the scene for one of his films.

Exploding Pleasure
Handmade for Double Take
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